Issue 116 | April 2015
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Thanks for picking up this new issue of 3dcreative! This month brings you enlightening interviews with concept designer Eric Lloyd Brown and character artist Andrei Cristea, and a whole heap of brilliant tutorials covering 3ds Max, Maya, and ZBrush, with resource files galore. And if you’re thinking of trying your hand at 3D printing, James W. Cain’s helpful introduction should get you equipped.

Along with a gallery of our favorite images, and some fantastic digital and traditional clay sculpts by Vasil Peychev and Tibor Kéri respectively, we hope this issue has everything you need to get inspired and motivated this month. Keep on creating!














What in this month…

Character art for videogames
CCP Games’ Andrei Cristea gives us an insight into his work and career

Futuristic concept design
Concept artist and 3D designer Eric Lloyd Brown shares his story

Organic ZBrush sculptures
We explore Vasil Peychev’s ZBrush sketchbook

Realistic clay creatures
We take a look at some of Tibor Kéri’s brilliant rendered clay creations

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Create vehicles with 3ds Max
Tamás Gyermán gives an in-depth guide to modeling sci-fi vehicles with 3ds Max

Model sci-fi cars in Maya
Discover how to model detailed vehicles in Maya with Rory Björkman

Introduction to SLA 3D printing
Digital sculptor James W. Cain shares his 3D printing knowledge and expertise

UVs and baking in 3ds Max
Andrew Finch gives us a detailed walkthrough of his 3ds Max methods

Model hard-surface robots in ZBrush
Learn to sculpt robots in ZBrush with Richie J. Mason

Create vivid illustrations with 3D
Discover how Morten Jaeger achieved the colorful picture-book style of Steve - The Space Explorer

Sculpt insectoid creatures with ZBrush
Jorge Castillo shares his ZBrush modeling skills in this look at the process behind The Bug

Digital Art Master: Repairs
Learn how Andrzej Sykut crafted his detailed sci-fi image, Repairs










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