Issue 117 | May 2015
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Thanks for opening issue #117 of 3dcreative! Concept design, 3D printing, texturing, and fantastic sci-fi art are at the forefront of this month’s issue. We speak to Tor Frick and Justin Goby Fields about their accomplishments, and marvel at Paul Braddock and James W. Cain’s 3D-printed handiwork. Mohammad Attaran also shares an insightful look into the making of our exciting cover image – it’s a tale of hard work and perseverance, which are of course the key to everything!

If you’re in the mood for some sculpting, feast your eyes on Vick Gaza’s excellent ZBrush sketches and Scibor Teleszynski’s traditional clay models. If you want to improve your texturing skills, we’ve covered albedo maps, MARI and BodyPaint 3D. On top of that, we’ve got a gallery of our favorite recent images to inspire you, and plenty more besides. Keep on creating, everybody!















What in this month…

Designing sci-fi concepts
We catch up with sci-fi pro and MachineGames art director Tor Frick

Exploring 3D printed creations
Animal Logic’s Paul Braddock talks personal projects and 3D printing

Inspiring ZBrush sketches
3D modeler Vick Gaza shows us a collection of his best 3D sketches

Becoming a master of miniatures
Talented traditional sculptor Scibor Teleszynski shares his latest work

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Texturing sci-fi cars in MARI
Rory Björkman walks us through his texturing and rendering process

Perfect vehicles with BodyPaint 3D
Tamás Gyermán shows us how to texture a grungy sci-fi vehicle with BodyPaint 3D

Albedo texturing for 3ds Max
Learn to texture 3D assets in Photoshop with Andrew Finch’s albedo techniques

Succeeding in concept art
We ask Justin Goby Fields to share the best-practice advice he’s learned on his road to success

Testing the Form 1+ printer
Learn how to prep, print and finish a small model with the Form 1+ SLA printer

Create colorful Maya scenes
Emilie Stabell reveals the Maya workflow behind her recent piece, Fungi Forest

Composing dynamic action
Mohammad Hossein Attaran shares how he crafted his epic image, The legendary moment

Digital Art Master: Consumed
Learn how Toni Bratincevic crafted his fantastic detailed image, Consumed











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