Issue 122 | October 2015
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Welcome to another issue of 3dcreative! This month we get to know two brilliant and unconventional artists – Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, and Gleb Alexandrov of Creative Shrimp – and learn about their inspirations, careers, and impressive work ethics. We also take a look behind the scenes of some inspiring ZBrush work with James Suret, Marco Plouffe and Aram Hakze.

Our in-depth tutorials cover character sculpting, Vue environments, and even SketchUp modeling for the 3D designer on a shoestring. Along with an inspiring gallery of our favorite images, we hope this issue motivates you to make some fantastic 3D artwork of your own!



















What in this month…

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Mastering artistic lighting
Art blogger Gleb Alexandrov discusses his passion for lighting, Blender, and social media

Creating striking designs daily
Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann shares his inspiring CINEMA 4D artwork

The sketchbook of James Suret
Freelance artist James Suret shares a sample of his sinister ZBrush monsters and mechs

Sculpting in polymer clay
Discover the dark clay creations of sculptor and illustrator, Samo Kramberger

Model a stylized female character
Learn how to sculpt a fun sci-fi character in ZBrush with Roumen Filipov

Create a forest scene in Vue
Improve your Vue landscape skills with Drea Horvath’s helpful tutorial

How to portray facial expressions
Mario Anger walks us through the facial muscles and portraying emotion

Modeling mechs in SketchUp
Jessica TC Lee shares her expertise in SketchUp and mech design

Mysterious monster designs with ZBrush
Discover how Aram Hakze created his haunting sci-fi image, Nautilus

Sculpt a detailed ZBrush mech
Learn helpful ZBrush sculpting tricks from pro artist Marco Plouffe

Digital Art Master: Soldier
Learn how Hasan Bajramovic crafted his stunning 3D masterpiece, Soldier














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