Issue 121 | September 2015
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Thanks to everyone who checked out our free issue last month! We hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, you can find the direct download on our shop page.

This month’s issue is crammed with variety: from colorful cartoons and ZBrush robots to Houdini abstracts and toothy dinosaur-dragons, we’ve got something for everybody! We interview Teodoru Badiu and Ruben Alvarez about their inspiring careers, learn how to sculpt facial expressions with Djordje Nagulov, create abstract Houdini artwork with Niels Prayer, troubleshoot 3D printer problems with James W. Cain, and much more.


















What in this month…

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of

Mastering concept design
Ruben Alvarez shares an insight into concept art for the entertainment industry

Crafting vibrant cartoon characters
Visit the colorful world of 3D illustrator Teodoru Badiu and his exciting cartoons

Having fun with character concepts
Discover Morten Jæger and Emilie Stabell’s new collaborative project

Sci-fi creations in ZBrush
Richie Mason reveals his hard-surface ZBrush sketchbook designs

Troubleshooting for the Form 1+
James W. Cain offers help and advice for 3D SLA printing on the Form 1+

Real-time environment assets
Learn how to sculpt a rocky canyon in ZBrush with Matthew Trevelyan Johns

Sculpt a sci-fi cartoon character
Create colorful sci-fi sculpts in ZBrush with Pierre Rogers’ guide

Create realistic facial expressions
Learn how to model expressive faces with Djordje Nagulov’s tutorial

Abstract images with Houdini
Discover how Niels Prayer’s creates abstract images with Houdini and Mantra

Reptilian creature concepts in ZBrush
Joshua Wu shares the ZBrush process behind his Mutated Raptor image

Digital Art Master: Lindford
Learn how Mathieu Aerni crafted his stunning 3D masterpiece, Lindford














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